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Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:45
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Since being in your class I have been learning better and new ways to

become a great actress. One of the first things I have learned is all of the physical

preparation I can do to better understand and fill the shoes of my character. Visual

and physical movement seems to be big help to my interpretation of the piece of

work that I am working on. After matching every word to a giant gesture I found it

way easier to visualize the meaning of the word coming out of my mouth. I was a

little hesitant at first because I was worried of what I would look like or if I was

going to do it wrong but then I realized that in order to be an actress, I have to not

be scared of looking weird at time and in order to learn I have to get it wrong the

first few times.

I also took from our games like the one where you were conducting us

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