Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance

Published: 2021-06-29 06:34:27
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Relationship between Job satisfaction and Organizational PerformanceVariablesArticle ImportanceParadigmApproach MethodReasons for using PositivismJob satisfaction factorsOrganizational performanceThis article makes a significant contribution in to observing the link between job satisfaction and organizational performance in both directions. In addition to analyzing this relationship with a special accent on the direction of the two variables which means that the focus is on exploring which of the two variables connection is stronger, Is it between job satisfaction and organizational performance or between organizational performance and job satisfaction.Positivism Quantitative-SurveyedResearch  Questionnaire1-(Likert 5 -item) in job satisfaction 11 factors.2- financial information in organization performance 10 indicators-Sample:*40 CroatianCompanies*5806 Employees-Statistical Program:SPSS 1- The article examines causality relationship between Job satisfaction and Organizational Performance & Positivism examines the cause and effect relationships by rational means.2- The article has a deductive mood starts from general relationship of two variables in to more specific by exploring which of the two variables connection is stronger the other and Positivism is associated with deductive research and3- The article is objective as it conducted a surveyed research using questionnaires and the data resulted is measurable thus a statistical analysis is conducted using SPSS Program thus it used positivism as it depend on quantifiable observation leading to statistical analysis.4- Hypothesis is tested not developed that’s why article used Positivism.5- The article is conclusive and gives affirmative results it confirms the positive relationship between job satisfaction and organizational performance with a pretty weak intensity it used Positivism as it is a result oriented.6- The article couldn’t use qualitative analysis due to existence of time lag &qualitative need comparison between companies while the examined companies has different sizes, industries and performance thus comparison wasn’t applicable that’s why the article used positivism as it purely depended on quantitative analysis. Nature of workTotal asset turnoverOpportunities for advancementCurrent asset turnoverPossibility of further educationRevenues over expenses ratioCo-workersReturn on assets (ROA)LeadershipReturn on equity (ROE)Direct supervisorROCE(Return on capital employed)SalaryRevenue per employeePosition in the companyLabor Cost Per EmployeeWorking conditionsIndex BEX(business performance indicator)Permanent employmentEarnings before income tax per employeeWorking hours

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