Relationship in Ruins

Published: 2021-06-29 06:38:50
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Relationship in ruins
The relationship between men and women has always been complicated and sometimes even a really loving relationship cannot survive. Some couples are unable to maintain their relationship, therefore they choose divorce. There are three main problems that can ruin a marriage between couples, like lack of communication, stress and cheating.
The relationship between couples can be ruined because of lack of communication. Talking about your feelings in a marriage is important, because then you can figure out exactly how to improve in a relationship, but if they are not discussed than this can ruin the relationship. A marriage is on the rocks when the lines of communication fail. You cannot have an effective relationship if either one does not discuss about their feelings. Unfortunately, there are problems that avoid communication between the couples. Sometimes the couples need to work for having a better life, but their schedule is different so that will cause them not to have enough time with each other. Since the time they live together is not enough, the couple cannot interchange their ideas, and that will cause them to have lack of communication and that can ruin their relationship.
A relationship between couples can be ruined because of stress. Families who live paycheck to paycheck deal with the stress from the pressure of making enough money to survive and provide the family with the necessary items. For instance, if the bills get behind it could start an argument between the two, and that on top of being behind with bills can be overwhelming causing more stress which leads to an unhealthy relationship. Another stress factor could be getting laid off. With the economy these days more and more people are getting laid off, and this could cause a shortage in monthly income and a tight budget. As a result it could lead to stress and arguments between the couples and ruin their relationship.
The final and most common reason for a relationship to be ruined between couples is cheating. Trust is the basis of any relationship. When you have found out that you have been cheated on you feel let down and probably even used. It doesn't matter who is involved, for how long and why, either way it can lead to pain and suffering to parties involved. Some marriages are able to survive, but many don't, which is why it is known as one of the leading problems that ruins a marriage and the relationship between the couples. Cheating ruins families and relationships between people.
Keeping a healthy relationship could sometimes be complicated and even unable to survive. Lack of communication, stress and cheating could cause some problems in the relationship of couples. Some couples are unable to maintain their re

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