Religion: What It Means to Me

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:27
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Religion To Me
When I hear the term religion, one would define it with a set of preconceived notions of what it is. Religion to what I believe is a collection of core beliefs that commonly connects a certain group, region or society of people. Religion may or may not have a god concept associated with it but no matter what the religion whether it is Christian, Buddhism or Confucianism, they all connect people of a certain group with a common interest and ethical system that defines their code of conduct for life. Religion is a combination of both social and cultural systems that defines the person and their way of life. In addition, one religion may or may not have certain aspects another religion has. In fact one religion may be on the other side of the world that drastically separates peoples. On the other hand, on an individual scale, people from America or China share the fact that they believe in something bigger than themselves, their neighbors or the world for that matter. No matter what race or geographic are area, religion in fact universally connects people in a way that they don't share the same belief but the fact that everyone puts a faith in something or someone. Religion in itself no matter what is, has become a society or social gathering of people with common interest that further connects a way of thinking with beliefs and practice. religion can become a universal binding force in uniting people together or having wars fought over it.

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