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Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:25
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Discussion Week 1
Religion and what it means to me.
Religion is "Man's attempt to achieve the highest possible good by adjusting his life to the strongest and best power in the universe and this power is God". (Deeper Life School of the Bible) we grew up as Christians, we believe that "Jesus Christ is The Savior" and the "Son of God". I grew up with the teachings of the Baptist Faith, and later joined "Life Changing Church" which is a Non-Denominational Faith based Church. When your mind is changed, so will your thinking. We believe that 'God will save us from a world of sin". If we follow the example he set for us in the scriptures. (Holy bible king)
One writer states that "religion is an intensely curious phenomenon that calls for better understanding." (Why study religion)
The Pattern in Comparative Religion states that "one theme has been considered in a little detail here, we should not overlook that there are many varieties of religious behavior, whether ritualized or not, which are important in the typological study of religion. Not all religious behavior has the appearance of a ritual". The Church I attend we recreate the "Last Supper" as symbolism to what Jesus did before his crucifixion, we serve "Bread and Wine" to symbolize his last saying at the "Last Supper," I agree with the statement because we are not repeating the ordinance to be ritualistic but to honor "God for allowing Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins" (Why study religion)

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Review the "Patterns in Comparative Religion" essay, and the Definition of Religion Web site located in the Learning Resources

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