Religious Education at Rosary School in 2008

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:09
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Religious Education at Rosary School in 2008
"Rosary School works in partnership with the community to educate young people to take their place effectively in the Church and the world."

This, Rosary's school vision, highlights the integral way in which Religious Education filters through daily experiences of life, education, behaviour, growth and celebration to foster the building of positive personal relationships between all students, staff, parishioners, parents and friends within the community and therefore with God. It is therefore important to realise its complexity, which bases itself on the Dominican charism where a vibrant enthusiasm for new educational trends are sought and a mission to outreach to others is apparent in their vision and ethos generated for today and into the future.

"These three human values of resourcefulness, solidarity and imagination shared in common, characterise different approaches to education around the Dominican world." In essence it is to "capture the imagination of all of those who believe that another world is possible and that Dominicans who have been involved in different approaches to Dominican education in a wide variety of settings around the world are participating in the coming of this better world."
Margaret Ormond, OP
May 18, 2007

As the REC it is my role to promote and nurture the faith formation of all members of the school community, which is through a multifaceted avenue of areas as highlighted below:

* Classes participate daily in prayer with opportunities to plan and conduct meaningful prayers with relevant sacred spaces and accompanying liturgical/contemporary music.
* Each weekly assembly commences with prayer which is meaningful and relevant to all students.
* Staff prayer continues twice a week and is a wonderful way to connect with each others needs, enjoy staff company, reflect on issues and concerns, and to relax, refocus, reenergise, review and rejoice.
* The International Year of Planet Earth has generated a focus on environmental issues and a ceramic pot with a cactus plant, presented at the Ash Wednesday Mass, has become a focal to class prayer tables and staff work stations for the year to promote our role as stewards.
Masses and Liturgies
* These are very special times for individuals to learn Catholic traditions, rituals and develop active participation as a gathering community which is essential to the spiritual development and liturgical life of students, staff, parents and parishioners at Rosary. It is an opportunity to partake of the Eucharist and to open the Gospel Word enabling us to make meaning of it and connect it to our lives which creates for us our Christian identity.

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