Remember the Titans

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:36
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Boone and Yost were supportive by establishing good relations with subordinates. They used the participative style where they allow the team to participate in decisions, both coaches were achievements-oriented where they set challenging goals and seeks improvements in performance. Boone and Yost inspired the team to find solutions to the problems they are facing, because finding solutions is a motivating force for the team.
They used these different styles each time they were facing a problem in the team to bring back the team together and let them focus on the relationship.

"Attitude reflects leadership, captain". That shows that Julius is satisfied by the way his captain is thinking. Managerial leadership has influenced organizational activities in many ways. These influences include motivating subordinates, budgeting scarce resources, and serving as a source of communication. Practices get off to disastrous start, with white players accusing blacks of not playing up to their potential, and blacks accusing white players of failing. According to that, Coach Boone orders black and white youths to spend time together, interviewing one another. The captain's attitude towards the team is very essential. It leads the players to reach their victory. This shows leadership because the coach is thinking about the team and making them get along and unite with each other.

Coach Boone is devoid of warmth and humor. Coach Boone inspires the team to follow his mission. He has the experience and ability to work and motivate the team. He has always supported his team by encouraging them at all time in order to perform well and to head towards the victory. He tried to create equal opportunities between the players in order to maintain a team where everyone is respected. Boone shows to be as tough as any coach comes, and it's this characteristic that helps bring the blacks and the whites together on the team. Coach Boone was helpful in solving problems that occurred in his team. For example, he wanted the white and black players to communicate between one another. He was ecologically sensitive, a leader who knows the obstacles that are or will face the team. His vision focused on the team and its members at all times. Regardless that he is tough, his way of dealing with the players, gave them more confidence to themselves.

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