Rgln 301 - Saul of Tarsus

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:17
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Saul of TarsusCal A. RichardsRLGN 301May 1, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1Outline[a]Thesis: Paul was both Jewish and Roman, he had two names which was not unusual being Jewish. He was zealous in persecuting the church, after meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus his life changed drastically. This changed resulted in him being called and converted to Christianity. Because of his conversion he was persecuted in the same way he persecuted the disciples of the Lord. The Two Names of The Apostle PaulSaul The PhariseePaul The RomanPaul Is Identified as Having ZealThe Zeal of PaulA ZealotPaul is CalledHe Saw a LightHeard A VoiceObeyed Jesus ChristThe Roles are ReversedPaul Preach the GospelPaul Is Persecuted                                                                                                                                                        2The Two Names of SaulSaul of Tarsus played an important among the Jewish and Christianity religion. Saul was born a Roman citizen, he was Jewish and a Pharisee. He had two names, Saul and Paul, which was not uncommon among the Jewish tradition. Saul was dedicated to the Jewish faith and was willing to give his life in defense for it. He believed in the Torah or Messianic Law, he was also a persecutor of the Lord’s disciples. The most important even in Saul’s life was his conversion from Judaism to Christianity, which led him to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. [b]       There are many who have studied the names of Saul and Paul[c]. Given that both names are related to the same person, yet they associate both names differently. One must look at each name differently as they relate to the person. Saul was born a Roman citizen and being such gave him the opportunity of having a second name Paul. It was not uncommon for Jewish men to take on a second name. As Harrer, makes note in his journal, In the Greek East, possibly Macedonian Egypt, and later, certainly by the second century after Christ, spreading even to the West of the it became customary among numbers of provincial’s citizens to add informally another name, a name person

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