Richard Speck

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:11
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Richard Speck was born on June 12, 1941 in Kirkwood, Illinois to Benjamin and Mary Speck ( At a young age Speck began idolizing his father who died from a heart attack when he was 6 years old. His mother, who was very religious, remarried Carl Lindberg who was also an alcoholic and had a 25-year long criminal record which was the polar opposite of Speck's biological father. Lindberg was very psychologically abusive towards Speck which led him to loath his stepfather. At a young age Speck stole his step father's alcohol and drink it. It was meant to get back at his step father but eventually lead to alcoholism. He would later drop out of school which led to a life of drugs and prostitution. His first arrest was at age 13 for trespassing. At age 15, he met and impregnated Shirley Malone who he married. While his child was being born, he was in jail for disturbing the peace. They eventually ended up divorced which led Speck to become very angry towards his ex-wife. Speck went through several jobs. One night he took some money from his sister and spent a few hours in the bar. As Speck was leaving the bar he spotted a woman leaving as well and attacked her at knife point. Speck took her into his apartment where he raped her and took her pistol. He then went walking and came across a town house that happened to be full of nurses. He broke in and found six girls. He led the girls into the main room from their bedrooms. Another soon came into the room. He was very calm as he tied them up. He showed no remorse, holding a normal conversation with the women. He strangled, stabbed and raped these women. Speck did not know that there was another young nurse hiding under the bed at the time he was murdering her friends. She was the only witness to the gruesome murders (Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell).

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