Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:23
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More than two weeks the Rohingyas have returned to abominations in their own country. Being a minority in the country, making them as weak. It's hard to win a conflict that has been going on for years. Within two days, dozens of people were killed and thousands of others fled to safety. Three days of Rohingyas in the war, 98 people were recorded killed by the armed clash. Victims of the rebels reached 80 people, 12 people from the security forces, and others without a clear identity Rohingyas are Bangladeshis who have been lived in Myanmar for a long time. Rakhine majority religion is Islam, totally different from the majority religion in Myanmar who embraced Buddhism. They are of Bangladeshis, but they had been left the country for a long time. They are citizens of Rakhine, but their ethnicity is not recognized by the state. Rohingya eventually like to become citizens of the world without a countryIn 1989, an essay titled "In Quest of Democracy" written by someone from Myanmar. Essay with strong sentence was delivered by a woman, a housewife with two children. She is Aung San Suu Kyi, Aung San's daughter, one of Burma's national heroes who managed to liberate the country from British colonies.In 1991, the Nobel committee in Oslo rewarded Suu Kyi with the Nobel Peace Prize. She is considered able to keep peace in the midst of the crush of war. Beginning 2016, Suu Kyi's party officially became ruler in Myanmar. And this is the test for Suu Kyi as the Nobel Peace laureate. In October 2016, a case of violence in Rakhine occurred. The majority of people living in Rakhine are Rohingya, an ethnic who do not get recognition from the military government as an ethnic Myanmar.

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