Rotten to the Core Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:39
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Rotten To The Core

At first glance Mansfield Ohio seemed to be a typical middle-America town. Mansfield, once described by a reporter as, "a town with 56,000 people, 200 churches, and NO massage parlors" had more going on than what appeared. Author Martin D. Yant wrote of his experiences with Mansfield's Sherriff's Department and other area agencies in his renowned book, "Rotten to the Core".
As the title suggests, something was wrong at the core of Mansfield's administration and officials. In Yant's book we learn that there is corruption on nearly all levels of authority; Judges, the Sherriff, city council members, even the coroner. With most the corrupt officials and agencies working together their powerful alliances were too much for anyone to fight against; or so they thought. When a young editor came to Mansfield from Chicago in 1977, the corrupt forces that had intimidated and run the city for so long were about to meet their match.
Martin Yant is a journalist and author who began his career in Pittsburg in 1971. Yant is best as an investigative journalist and is passionate about uncovering scandal and helping individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. Even to this day Martin D. Yant continues independent journalism and has helped exonerate at least nine innocent inmates so far; all of whom were sentenced to be put to death. Martin Yant's passion is apparent after reading his book "Rotten to the Core" because he places his life, family, and career on the line in order to give truth a voice in Mansfield.

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