Salon Today - Global Warming

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:31
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Global warming

A topic that may be diccussed in Salon of our generation could be the vast amount of pollution caused by our actions on earth, leading to global warming. It is an important issue as it is associated with all our lives on this planet. Climate, health and Nature are all being greatly affected by Global warming; a matter which is putting our beautiful earth under great crisis.
Global warming is "An increase in the Earth's temperature caused by human activities". We have progressed so far in technology, yet we continue damaging our planet. Many factories are polluting our environment; the temperature on earth has risen to is highest levels in the last 10 thousand years. These climatic changes are disturbing the natural cycles of life. Glaciers in the Arctic are now melting rapidly at fast rates, sea levels rising will put coastal cities at risk of flooding, with human lives at risk. With the temperatures of the oceans arising , the probability of frequent and stronger hurricanes will also arise, as we have already experienced in 2004/05.
Despite the fact that some areas of the Earth would become wetter, other areas will suffer tremendous amount of heat waves and droughts. Africa would be greatly affected and will suffer the worst of it , along with expected droughts in Europe. With water shortages already dangerously arising , experts say , with global warming's exacerbating conditions should lead to conflicts and war between countries for resources .

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