Same Sex Education

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:01
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Same sex education has been hated on for a long time now. A lot of people do not understand what the point of it is, so as a result many turned and are turning into coed schools. What people don't really understand are all the benefits that come from same sex schools educationally, for guys especially. Guys are difficult enough to teach and tend to need more attention then girls when it comes to school. An all guys' school can help to draw all the focus of educational teaching techniques towards guys. Guys tend to learn better through hands on and visual means then from listening and sitting down. Guys have a lot of energy to burn and limited patience. So an all guys' school can gear to these learning habits and focus on getting guys to learn information more efficiently. I think that a good age for guys to attend a school with the same sex is in high school, when focus and learning habits are most essential to learn to prepare them for college and university. These habits aren't as important as learning social skills and things in elementary and middle school, guys and girls should have these skills learned during this time in their life, so they're not as awkward later in life. It is beneficial for men to attend all guys schools for educational learning habits because they gear their teaching in order to specifically help guys learn.
All male schools are intended on giving men an education that is suited to their learning habits. Guys naturally see the world differently than girls do. According to Karol Kaufmann from Readers Digest, guys see the world, as objects moving through space and teachers should be that object, constantly moving. Guys are attracted to cooler colors such as blue and silver and such as well. Girls are attracted to warmer colors like reds, yellows and oranges. So for guys, a teacher constantly moving around and engaging them in conversation will keep their attention a lot better then a teacher who provides a bunch of slideshows and doesn't move around much. When showing guy's texts and slideshows, colors used are important as well. As I mentioned earlier, cooler colors keep guys attentions better then warmer colors, which veers their attention. So color and engagement are very important aspects when teaching guys and girls, both learn better with different colors and types of engagement, which is reason to separate students for class, in order to provide lectures that are suited to the specific interests.
Sounds play an important role in the educational realm for guys. Guys are usually more aggressive and louder in their actions then girls. You can observe this on the playground, anywhere really. Guys are usually rough housing with friends, yelling, being active. Girls tend to be quieter and calmer. They talk to their friends, and socialize more. In essence to this, guys are not nearly as good of listeners. Boy's ears and aural structure are not as sensitive and tuned

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