Sea Nationalism

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:30
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Discuss the validity of the statement that "in SEA, nationalism was principally an ideology of anti-colonial struggle."
Duiker defined nationalism as the result of a gradual process which begins with a primitive awareness of shared destiny and of ethnic or cultural distinctiveness. Only gradually does national consciousness expand into an awareness of the modern concept of nationhood, rooted in the mass of the population. Nationalism takes place in 3 stages: proto, modern and mature.
This statement implies that the defining nature of SEA nationalism was opposition of colonial rule.
Argument Outline
It is true that SEA nationalism was a concept of anti-colonial struggle, but there were also other forms mainly traditional, cultural/religious and ethnic/economical and moderate/reformist. They were not anti colonial in nature but rather reactions to colonial policies. SEA society was never homogenous, thus political awareness among the masses came only post WWII after originating from non political forms before 1945. This essay would be covering the early stage of SEA nationalism before WWII.
Thus, it can be seen that there are many variations of nationalism which were not necessary anti colonial in nature due to the unique demographic circumstances of SEA. To say that in SEA, nationalism was principally an ideology of anti-colonial struggle would be a oversimplification and generalization.

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