Self-Forgiveness Vs. Self-Blame

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:49
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Article 3: Self-Forgiveness vs. Self-Blame

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July 7, 2010

Self -forgiveness: Is self-forgiveness really where it is at? Or is there something else?
After working with several clients I am finding that self forgiveness is a huge piece to unlocking keys to their immediate relief and overall long-term happiness. Even more so, I am finding that if I can successfully facilitate my clients to stop blaming themselves, I can get them to a new more powerful place of peace. This is a place of peace they have never known and it is more lasting. How powerful is this new discovery? Keep reading if you would like to get there and end a bit of unnecessary suffering.

While self-forgiveness is nice, it also assumes that you have something "wrong" to forgive yourself for. What if you weren't wrong? What if there is no right and wrong? Isn't it true that you don't have the whole picture of how everything eventually works out? Doesn't that release the need for you to forgive yourself in the first place? Doesn't self forgiveness make you wrong to the point where you may have to continually try for MORE self-forgiveness?

Here is a tool to find out if your best remedy is self-forgiveness work or releasing blame work. No matter what is coming up for you (divorce, lost job, argument, financial issues, etc- you pick the topic)

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