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Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:51
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"There is nothing in the mind unless it first senses." (Kirby and Goodpaster 2007) When we are first born, our five senses are just starting to develop from the first taste of milk, to hearing people speak, or even feeling the touch of our mothers hand. At the time a baby is born, they are not aware food will be important for them to survive or able to distinguish between hot or cold. They will also hear words and sounds, and will not understand, nor know what the sounds may be. But, not until they are taught, they will not know or understand how important these senses will be in life and how these senses will affect them and their learning experiences. Now, as we grow into adults, our senses will have become interwoven with the way we think and use our minds. When we read a book or even read a recipe to cook, we are using our eyes as tools. When we listen to music, hear the bird's chirp, our children laughing, we are using another tool, which is our ears to listen, which is another sense. Our ears also hear sounds that we do not want to hear as well. We have to think when we are using our hands to fix a car, play a guitar. We are even thinking and using some of our senses when we have decided to jump out of an airplane for no good reason at all. But, no matter what we may be doing we use our senses for some reason or another. Now, it is true that "there is nothing in our mind unless it is first senses". (Aquinas, 2007, pg. 53) Why is this? In order for our senses to work properly, our brain gathers the information for our senses to work. When we read, we are using our eyes to take in the information and it is being put into our minds for reference. We all count on all of our senses to be accurate, and there are certain factors that do influence the accuracy of this information that is received by a person's senses and how it affects their perception of the world. On the other hand, there are weaknesses to the amount of knowledge our senses can give. The best way to imagine this is to look at our brain almost like a computer. It will only be effective if our brain is able to process the information correctly and there are no conflicts.

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