Sensory Perception - the Mummy's Curse

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:53
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"The Mummy's Curse"
We all grew up on legends and mysteries. Some of us believe in them while others do not. Either way, legends and mysteries make great stories. One of Egypt's most famous legend and mystery was the "Mummy's Curse". The Egyptians believed that if anyone disturbed a sealed tomb, they were bound to be cursed.
On November 26, 1922 excavator Howard Carter and the Fifth Earl of Carnarvon opened the tomb of King Tutankhamen by breaking the seal of the inner door. According to legend the curse started on the very first day. Earl Carnarvon had a pet canary that was swallowed by a cobra the same day that the tomb was opened. Legend linked this to the curse for the cobra was the type of serpent that was used to decorate the brow of King Tutankhamen's death mask that was made of gold. At the beginning of March 1923, Earl Carnarvon had gotten a mosquito bite on his check which became infected. Within a month Earl Carnarvon's health diminished from a fever, to blood poisoning, and then to pneumonia which lead to his death on April 5, 1923. Of course the media linked all of this to the "Mummy's Curse" along with all the other deaths that occurred to everyone who was connected to the excavation of King Tutankhamen's tomb. A lot of this legend was made public by the famous novelist Marie Corelli. What was not made public was the fact that Earl Carnarvon had suffered some serious injuries in a car crash in 1901, and since the crash his health had become very fragile.

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