Shear Force

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:59
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Shear force is the force in the beam acting perpendicular to its longitudinal (x) axis. The bending moment M is a moment where the bending effect of any load is measured by the product value of the perpendicular distance from any section of the beam. In this experiment, two types of load which are known as the concentrated load and the symmetrical load are being used.
Based on this experiment, the shear force and the bending moment for the concentrated
load are 1.722N and 0.534Nm respectively. The percentage error for both the shear force and the
bending moment for the concentrated load compared to their theoretical value are 5.12% and
5.15%. One of the reasons to get such percentage error is due to the surroundings, where the set-
ups are affected by the wind, making it less stable and therefore getting less accurate than the
actually results. Besides, random errors are too made during the experiment, such as not placing
the load properly in the middle.

Another type of load which is used is the symmetrical load. This load has a bending
moment of 0.51Nm and has a percentage error of 6.70%. Almost the same reasons as of the
concentrated load, the distance between the loads and the end of the span is not equal. Other

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