Shout Without Fear

Published: 2021-06-29 06:29:25
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#At the end of the book is intended to be uplifting but has been seen as, rather, confusing and unsatisfying. The people, along with Clemente, "shout without fear." Even though they are not afraid, they have not succeeded in achieving the spiritual wholeness suggested by the appearance of the seer Crispin. Anaya uses a mixture of dreams and symbols to suggest such events as the death of the youngest boy, Benjie, and their place in the universe. As a whole, however, these also do not fit together.
Anaya himself said that his novel was an experiment in combining elements from myth with socioeconomic themes from barrio life. The resulting novel covers too much too simplistically. Even though Heart of Aztlán gives a picture of conditions facing Mexican Americans in the 1950's, Anaya was clearly not comfortable treating contemporary issues so directly.
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