Smoky Haze Hanging over Malaysian Clouds from Burnings in Indonesia

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:03
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Introduction.     Smoky haze hanging over Malaysian clouds from burnings in Indonesia has reached dangerous level with above 200 Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) in several places all over Malaysia. Prevailing winds from Indonesia were blowing the smoky haze to Malaysia. Less people took notice when trick, foul-smelling smog, a cloudy formation of smoke and chemical fumes, first settled over the Kuala Lumpur city. After all, Kuala Lumpur had been known worldwide for its invisibility season for the last Haze brings up losses to people in the field of social, economy and political harmony.Conclusion.     The cloudy situation all over our native country had sufficient damages terms of social life, economy and political agreement between neighbouring countries. It might have a positive effect especially in creating the awareness in people to look after their health, however the negative effects outweigh the positive effect on all possible ways. The issue on haze would continue to be a detrimental problem, if countries do not combine hands to minimise it and keep pointing their hand to another country. Quick measures to be taken for the benefit of all.Haze gives negative impact to economy.Turning off tourists and business costs.Restaurants, tourist attractions and some other businesses are already feeling the pain as haze envelopes the Southeast Asian neighbours from Singapore’s upscale shopping distinct to Malaysia’s popular beach resort.  Other than that, the crisis-1997 cost Southeast Asian an estimated 9 billion from disruption to Air travel, health expenses and other business impact.Moreover, economists and businesses say the costs are already mounting about a week since air pollution levels in the countries shot up to unhealthy and sometimes hazardous levels.As a result, this will create a very negative impression and also deter tourist inflows as It would deter people thinking about moving to work in Malaysia.  2)    Haze also damaging an economy.        (a)  People are not well definitely affect production, that goes without saying. It has definitely impacted business, especially factories where a huge number of people are working.        (b)  Besides, fast food restaurants, including Mc Donald’s, stopped making deliveries rather that expose staff to the smoke.        (c)  However, some offices have handed out face masks and even installed air purifiers, and the government has asked companies to minimize employees work outside.

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