Society and Good Work

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:18
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Society and Good work

In the society, in which people are in, there is lot of difficulties and fears that surround people. One of the most values that regroup everyone in the same boat is "good work". People usually hear those words from their families, their friends, or even their co-workers. Those words symbolize the reward of an excellent work. In his book, Good work, Howard Gardner, emphasize the diffulties that people have to deal with work and our society. Doing "good work" can be tumultuous and hard. Malcolm Gladwell author of "The Physical Genius" talks about how artists, athletes and people who have some skills in other field can achieve good work and be good workers. Good work is difficult to achieve and is very difficult to pursuit that is why people have to practice and be to look for it to be proud of them.

Mike Florio, author of " NLF Hall of Fame Should Adjust Football-only Focus" discusses in his article, the criteria that member of the jury should take into account to name an athlete as a "Hall of Famer". In fact the Hall of Fame's jury base their judgment on what athletes accomplished on the field but some commissioners think that they have to analyze criteria that define them on and off the field. Florio states that "Allowing the voters to consider off-field contributions gives rise to another question. What should be done about players with marginal on-field credentials but who made significant off-field contributions?" (Florio). In fact, he implies that there is not only "Good work " on the field but also off that field. He basically stating that players' ability to be name for the Hall of fame shouldn't based on their work as players but as an human being with an exceptional skill that help him to be better at sport. This skill must be use around them not only while playing their game but also with their friends, family and also society around them. On the other side, athlete can do great thing off the field and not be the best on the field which is relevant because what is a best athlete? Someone who is able to accomplish extraordinary thing only on the field or someone who is a model and do a "good work" for the all society? Howard Gardner, the author of Good work states that " Nor do we want to imply that "good work" is always accompanied by flow; it can be frustrating and discouraging at times. Yet, time and again, we have observed the rewards of flow bestowed on individuals who have become wholly engaged in activities that exhibit the highest sense of responsibility." (Gardner 5). The flow that Gardner is talking about here is the feeling that everybody is doing a good work at almost the same time and at this time people feel involve. People are literally thinking that they have to be at the maximum and fulfill their goals, which is "good work". This aspect of good work is kind of unrealistic because there is no such time

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