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Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:06
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From 1492 to 1750 immense social and economic transformations shook the world. These huge changes occurred as a result of new contacts among the Americas, Africa, and Western Europe.
Starting in 1492, with the discovery of the "new world" by Christopher Columbus, the Americas began the process of immense social and economic transformations. One of the most extreme and disturbing differences was from the introduction of European disease, and the lust for gold and other precious metals. These two factors led to the decimation of the native populations, for not only had they never been exposed to these European diseases, but they were also greatly overpowered and easily killed with the more advanced European technology. This decimation of native population led to another drastic social change: the enslavement of some eleven to twenty million Africans and their subsequent transport to the Americas. The introduction of this new labor force also forced the creation of a new social class, which was unfortunately at the bottom. Along with these extensive social transformations there were also equally extensive economic transformations. With the introduction of these new "cash crops" many European countries were flocking to the new world to establish colonies and gather raw materials and grow these crops for profit. There was also the introduction of various beasts of burden and other animals. Horses and cattle allowed for faster travel and easier, more efficient farming; pigs, chickens, sheep, and other food animals were also introduced.

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