Soldier's Home Setting Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:37:36
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Soldier's Home Setting Analysis
The Soldier's Home, by Ernest Hemingway, is a war story, but not really focused on war. It was more about the affects the war had on the main character Krebs, who was a soldier in the war, and how he dealt with it when everything was done and over and had to come home. The story explained how he adjusts to civilian life again. In this story the setting plays a very important role. Without a setting, it would be difficult to understand certain things such as why a character made a choice or the emotions the character is feeling. The setting helps to paint the mental picture of the story.
This story is taken place around 1919. The war had just ended, it was World War 1. The two settings are one being in Rhine, Germany, where Krebs was overseas, and second being his "home" back in Oklahoma. But I also agree that there is a third setting, although it's not literal, it was Kreb's mindset. All three settings help us to see why Kreb's feels, acts, and lives, or make the choices he does.
Before enlisting in the Marines in 1917, he was in a Methodist college in Kansas. From that we see he comes from a religious background. After reading that it made me think that his family is a stricter family and probably "close" in the way that the parents have high expectations for their kids and want them to look good and acceptable to God. Once the war ended his friends had already came back and he came home years later. The hustle and bustle and greetings of the troop's home was over by the time he got back, so he didn't get much attention. He came home to his small hometown in Oklahoma, but didn't feel to welcomed when he got there. Everyone was over the excitement of the war and didn't care to listen to his stories. "Krebs found that to be listened to at all he had to lie, and after he had done this twice he, too, had a reaction against the war and against talking about it. A distaste for everything that had happened to him in the war set in because of the lies he had told."(p. 117)

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