Studio Exercise

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:08
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Studio Exercise

1. A 3-min exact LIVE interview program (no NG)

2. Start out with a 10 sec opening segment (provided), and then Dissolve with a Wide Shot of the host and guest, and then take a Close-up of the host and the guest with each named Key-up (name caption) for at least 3 sec

3. Into the program, the guest will have something to show (a Close-up shot has to be used)

4. A countdown of 1 min and 30 sec should be given to the floor (floor manager) to end the program

5. After the host says goodbye (wide shot), the studio lights should be dimmed down, music Fade In or Up (if the program has background music all the way), a closing caption of "AV Production Journ201.3" Key-up for at least 3 sec, then music Fade out, and the whole screen Fade to Black (from the first frame of the opening to the closing caption, it has to be 3 min exactly)
Studio Exercise

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